December 30, 2020

frozen pipes indiana

Cold temperature, especially during the winter season, leads to frozen pipes. Pressure tends to build up within, which can cause pipes to burst. So, how do you prevent and deal with them?

Read on to find out.

Turn the Tap On

The first preventative measure you can take to keep pipes from freezing is by turning on the faucet from time to time. This allows for motion inside the pipes, which prevents water from freezing. If water has already frozen, however, this is a great technique to thaw your pipes.

It does not matter how cold the water is. As long as there is movement within the pipes, then they will not freeze.

Turn On the Heating System

Another way to prevent frozen pipes is by keeping them warm. Whenever you leave the house, it makes sense to turn off all appliances, including the heating system. On especially cold days, however, you may want to leave your heating system on to keep water inside the pipes from freezing.

The recommended temperature when leaving your heating system on is 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

Use Heating Tapes

Heating tapes are a lifesaver. They keep your pipes warm by providing heat directly. In simpler terms, they act as an electric blanket.

You can apply heating tapes on pipes that are most likely to freeze when the temperature drops. Make sure you have easy access to these pipes, so you can monitor them every now and then.

You can choose between a manual and an automatic heating tape. The manual tape comes with an on and off switch, while the automatic tape turns off on its own when enough heat has been supplied.

You can also add extra insulation on your pipes to control heat loss when it gets cold.

Fix Cracks and Holes

frozen pipes

Pipe cracks and holes not only cause water to leak. They also let cold air within the pipes’ interiors, which can freeze them faster.

To prevent this, perform a thorough inspection. Check for any cracks and water leaks. You can spot leaks faster by turning the faucet on.

And once you spot them, address them immediately. Not only will they prevent pipes from freezing, but they will also stop draining your wallet.

Regulate Warm Air

Most pipes are hidden inside a closet. It’s great for aesthetic purposes, but it has its own disadvantages as well. For instance, when the overall temperature gets cold, closets can trap cold air inside. This results in frozen pipes that last longer than usual.

You can avoid this by opening closets that keep pipes out of sight. Keep interior doors open, too. The idea is to let warm air circulate within the whole area. This will lessen the possibility of frozen pipes.

Frozen Pipes? Call an Expert

If you have tried all remedies and they still do not work, it is time to call a plumber.

Frozen pipes can be difficult to find. Thawing them yourself may also not work, especially if one or more of your pipes have long frozen. And in most cases, owners only find out their pipes have burst after thawing.

This leads to a wet property and damaged possessions. Even worse, it can happen while no one’s around. So, prevent further damage by calling an expert immediately.

Do you need help with frozen pipes? Contact us today.

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