January 19, 2021

heater blowing cold air

Is your heater blowing cold air?. Winter in Indiana can be so bitter and cause the temperature to suddenly drop. While you wait for a repairman to make a furnace repair job right at the moment, you can do some basic troubleshooting tips.

What should you do when your heater is blowing cold air instead of hot? Instead of suffering for the night or making your neighbor handyman risk his life, here are five things you should check.

These are simple and basic tasks that anyone can safely do. Even so, always refer to your unit’s manual before conducting any troubleshooting.

Heater Blowing Cold Air Troubleshooting Tips

The Heater Hasn’t Warmed Up Yet

Appliances like these do take time to warm up. If you’ve just switched it on, check the fan setting if it’s set to “Auto” or “On.” This ensures that hot air is blowing out of your vents and is circulating around your house.

Check the Thermostat

Often, the reason your heating systems feel cold is that someone’s actually changing the temperature! Ensure that you have the thermostat set at your desired temperature before thinking there’s a problem with your heater. Maybe you have a housemate who’s just feeling a bit too hot.

Inspect the Air Filter

A dirty air filter can cause blockage in the heat exchanger. Your heater’s safety systems will automatically stop to prevent it from overheating. This is dangerous because a sufficiently clogged filter could actually cause a fire.

Confirm that the Heater Has Power

If you have an electric high efficiency furnace, you should inspect its power source. If it’s switched on at the control panel but doesn’t seem to work, take a quick look at the breaker to see if it’s tripped. Sometimes, a breaker reset will make it work. But, you should call a professional to have the system checked if it trips again.

Look at the Pilot Light

A gas burner furnace for heating the air requires a lit pilot light to operate. Your furnace’s pilot light could go out if there’s an interruption in your gas supply. A dirty or defective flame sensor could shut off the furnace fuel so, make sure that you check this, too.

Call the Pros

When you’ve done all these steps and your heater blowing cold air is still an issue, it’s high time you call the experts. It is a major issue if your furnace is blowing cold air, especially during winter. That problem could impact both your quality of living and health.

Better Home Service is here to check on your home heating and air conditioning systems. Our skilled professionals will conduct maintenance, like keeping the drain line clear, cleaning and/or replacing the air filter systems, and checking each furnace component, to ensure your safety and convenience.

We are here to ensure that your furnace blows hot air anytime you need to heat your home and keep your family safe and warm.

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